Did you find any work from these street artists?


FMKM small logoThe Street Art Team produced an extensive extensive range of Find Me Keep Me goodies. With this Free Art Friday inspired project being born out of the street art movement we are right in our element, drawing on our range of experience working in the public art arena. Our collaborative process has been very rewarding and fruitful and has produced a huge range of ideas and new work. Not all have made it to the street, with some ideas being saved for future projects and others being left on the studio cutting mat, waiting for a chance to shine in the upcoming weeks. Yes, that’s right, we’ll be making more art drops over the coming months with some of the work that needed some finishing, or more time to develop. Because of our experience in producing items of work quickly and for the street, we have collectively managed to make over 400 individual items for the Find Me Keep Me art drop. Keep an eye out for our stuff, some of it will be well hidden and if you do find something you love, please send us a picture of it’s new home, we’d love to see where things end up!


Media: Spray Paint, 3D, mixed
W: www.blokcollective.co.uk
T: @blokcollective

process-profileProcess first picked up a can of paint in ’95 and subsequently became immersed in graffiti culture. Since then, letters have all but disappeared from his work, which has branched off in some interesting directions. Working across a wide range of creative disciplines, his current work is split across digital, 3D and murals.


Media: Mixed
W: www.korporate.co.uk
T: @korporate

Korp KonformThe work of Peterborough-based Urban Artist Korp, employs multi-layered stencil techniques and marker pens to create utterly contemporary and frequently iconographic images. Guns and skulls and rock stars are all fair game for an urban artist but Korp also tackles architecture, portraits and urbanity too with skill and deference.

Jason Duckmanton

Media: digital
W: www.jasonduckmanton.com
T: @jasonduckmanton

Jason DuckmantonJason Duckmanton is a local illustrator/street artist who creates traditional and digital art. He exhibits in local galleries and also participates in live art festivals like Overground. As part of the Street Art team for Find Me Keep Me he will be dropping ‘day of the dead’ themed artwork around peterborough.

Lee Mason

Media: Mixed
W: lee-mason.tumblr.com
T: @MrLeeMason

Lee MasonI’ve been a self employed artist and designer in Peterborough for 7 years. As well as running a popular local design studio, Free Thinking Design, I also create artwork for fun, take part in live art jams, create illustrations for bands and charities and promote the odd bit of zombie inspired street theatre. I also designed the Find Me Keep Me brand.

Vic Rupsin

Media: Spray Paint, 3D, mixed
W: http://rupsin.wix.com/urbanartphotography

Vic RupsinVic has been working across a broad range of creative disciplines for many years. He often works with graphic design and print and has an extensive collection of hand cut geometric stencils that have consumed an exhaustive number of hours to produce. A variety of surfaces and locations are fair game for his work and he has started to include light manipulation to produce strong geometric patterns by combing fire poi, DSLRs and design software.


Media: spray paint , pens, acrylics
W: www.misspix01.com
T: @misspix01

PixiePixie lives in London, originally from Deeping. She loves creating, mainly with spraypaint on walls: the bigger the better! She is visiting New York in May with her female graffiti crew, where they have an art exhibition. As well as her personal art work she does commissions, community artwork and workshops.

She has a website so you can see what she’s up to and even buy something she has made :)

Sean Johnson

Media: Spray Paint, mixed
W: www.wiseonearts.com, www.flickr.com/wiseonearts
T: @wiseonearts

sean johnsonWISE ONE is a Peterborough based graffiti writer and street artist who’s been painting on the streets since the mid-80s. Recently he’s been producing street art influenced works on paper and canvas using traditional art techniques, like stencil style paintings using watercolours and masking fluid. His work has been shown in exhibitions and galleries across in the UK and he regularly paints graffiti murals at music festivals and graffiti jams including Overground Arts, Upfest, Secret Garden Party and Aerosol Planet.


Media: Spray Paint, stencil
W: grafikwarfare.co.uk/leeks
T: @leeks78

Leeks Grafik WarfareFree art dropper extraordinaire – LOVE YOUR LEEKS.