Did you find any work from the poets?

FMKM small logoIn 2013, a crack rhyming unit was sent to prison by a creative court for a rhyme they didn’t commit. These people promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Peterborough underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as poets of fortune. If you have a word problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire…The Poetry A-Team!
Ok so on a serious note, this gorgeous collective of poets have all very different styles and backgrounds, but we have really enjoyed collaborating for Find Me Keep Me in a way that we normally wouldn’t. We have discovered other than writing poetry in print or performing it, giving away poetry can be very exciting and it pushed our thinking. It was double funny that it always pushed us towards the pub. We really hope you out there, our finders, keepers like the work and that you can see in the pieces how much we loved being part of this project. A big thankyou to all the other artists and Creative Peterborough who have supported us and inspired us to stretch our art form and lets hope this is only the beginning.

The Poetry A Team

Keely Mills

Media: Poetry
T: @keelyMillsPboro

W: keelymills.wordpress.com

Keely Mills picKeely was the Poet Laureate of Peterborough for 2009 and that means she still gets to advocate and support the cracking poetry scene both locally and nationally. She has performed at many different events from the Houses of Parliament, freaky outdoor festivals to WI luncheons. She is also a creative producer who organised ‘Speakeasy’, one of the region’s premiere poetry nights. She is also a confident workshop leader who facilitates different workshops from poetry to compereing skills. Her poetry style has been described as ‘Dawn French on acid’ and ‘the pick and mix at Woolworths’ with a performance more Richard Pryor than Pam Ayres.

Pete Cox

Media: Poetry
W: www.facebook.com/PeteCardinalCox

Pete CoxCardinal Cox has been having various writings published in the small-press for approaching thirty years. Previously has been Poet Laureate of Peterborough (2003); Poet-in-Residence Broadway Cemetery (2005 – 2008); winner of the John Clare Trust Poetry Prize (2009); currently Poet-in-Residence of St. John the Baptist Church.

Michael ‘Mixy’ Riccardi

Media: Rap, Poetry
W: www.locality1.com/?s=mixy&searchsubmit=Michael Mixy Riccardi

I perform and write, talk and rhyme.

Simon Stabler

Media: Poetry
W: www.myspace.com/punkyrebelmedia/blog

Simon StablerCurrently Peterborough’s Poet Laureate, Simon likes to write about the things he loves the most. So expect pieces on real ale, railways and architecture with the odd rant against authority.

Alex Tyler

Media: Poetry

Alex Tyler One ImageAlex Tyler is 25 years old, was born in Peterborough and has been published in a few anthologies which he has forgotten the names of and has yet to appear in any major poetry magazines. He has been performing spokenword in bars and village halls since he was young and has written and directed a play based on Roger McGoughs poem Q. It ran for three nights at a tiny theatre in Wales and he is still immensely proud of it. His poems include references to 90s TV programmes, dinosaurs, star wars and Freddy Mercury and though tend to deal with his life experiences and observations, frequently make audiences laugh

Viv Foster

Media: Poetry

Vivien has been a member of Peterborough’s long-established poetry group for the last decade.  She has performed her poems at events in and around the city, and has been published in several small press magazines. Her favourite poetry form is blank verse so she can ramble on for ever, her inspiration comes from the natural world and the fermented grape.