The Four Humours

So, how can you give away theatre as part of a Peterborough’s great art giveaway? I have piles of tickets and programmes but to be honest none of them do justice to some of the best theatre events I have ever seen. The collaborative and cross-art form part of Find Me Keep Me is easier.

It’s what theatre is all about – so we’ve got five actors, one director, a film maker and designer on board… and it’s in the latter two that the “Takeaway” elements started to emerge. So there will be pieces of film and props, or things of beauty as I like to call them, to take away… But where’s the theatre in that – as lovely as Jason, Rebecca, David, Mark and Kati are I am not sure anyone will want to take them home (though I have never known an actor to turn down a free meal). And then I realised that an audience always takes something away from any decent performance – they will ahve been on a journey and will have changed as part of that journey. So that is what we are aiming to give (as well as film and props to share) Or at least that’s what Dr Quack’s Humorism Sonneterist Walk-In Medical Centre will be doing….. Kate Hall


Kate Hall

Media: Theatre
W: www.jumpeduptheatre.com
T: @jumpeduptheatre

Kate HallAs a theatre director and facilitator I have roamed the UK, and the world, sharing my enthusiasm for stories and spaces, on behalf of the Royal Shakespeare Company, English Touring Theatre and Manchester Royal Exchange. I am inspired by site-specific work and when audiences’ become part of the collaborative process.

Laura Barnard

Media: Illustrator
W: www.laurabarnard.co.uk
T: @laura_barnard

laura_barnard_PeterboroughI’m an illustrator originally from Southend-on-Sea who now lives in Peterborough. I specialise in intricate cityscapes and patterns, along with some hand-drawn typography and odd-looking characters. Recent projects include ten metre murals for Sainsbury’s, illustrated classroom walls for the British Council, and a panorama of Peterborough.

Rebecca Coombe-Boxall

Media: Spray Paint, 3D, mixed
W: www.facebook.com/#!/RebeccaCoombeBoxall 
T: @BeccsStrawberry

Becca Coombe-BoxallI get such a high when performing and I feel that it enables me to express emotions that I haven’t yet experienced within my own personal journey, therefore being able to explore this is fascinating to me. Find Me, Keep Me is a brilliant opportunity to showcase what I mean.

David Fensom

Media: Actor
T: @Fensomonium

David FensomTheatre credits include: Uncle Vanya, The Duchess of Malfi, and The Shoemakers’ Holiday. He was nominated as best actor for his performance in The Cherry Orchard at the 27th Fadjr International Theatre Festival in Tehran, Iran. He is currently directing The Comedy of Errors to be staged at the Rutland Open Air Theatre this summer.

Katy Fossil

Media: Actor, Director, Writer
W: www.katyfossil.com

Katy Fossil 134This spring (2013) I’m rehearsing Richard III (Small Nose Productions). I’m performing in street show Find Me, Keep Me (Jumped Up Theatre) and a new comedy Media Whores, which I recently wrote. I’m doing research for a play about a Hollywood starlet, which I’m due to direct and choreograph later this year.

Mark Curtis

Media: Actor, Running Small Nose Productions
W: www.smallnose.net
T: @SmallNoseThea

find me keep me 138Mark Curtis is currently living in Paris and working with the great Philippe Gaulier on the art of clowning.
His work in Peterborough has seen him play the role of the cities most famous celebrity ‘Nobby’ and Mark has enjoyed being a part of young people’s development whilst working for the Key Youth Theatre as a creative practitioner.

Paul Spence

Media: Film Maker, Writer
W: www.youtube.com/bustedjawfilms   amadeusandcrouch.tumblr.com
T: @0Spence0

Paul SpenceI aim to film something so hot it will literally set fire to the internet.

Jason Webb

Media: Actor, Running Small Nose Productions
W: www.smallnose.net
T: @SmallNoseThea

jason Webb139I’m passionate about theatre: making it, going to see it, teaching it and performing it. Small Nose Productions is about having fun doing all of this. Find Me Keep me has all of these elements, so it a privilege to be part of such an exciting endeavour