Did you find any work from our musicians?

Moony Opaque

Media: vocals, guitar, song writer
W: Facebook.com/MuneerMoonyHassan
T: @moonyopaque

MoOnY OpAqUeSinger songwriter for the band Opaque for over 10 years, and after a three year break, is back with a third album set for release in 2014.  The album will be a DVD album with a separate music video for each track. Enclosed on this USBee is a pilot music video made using 2 smart phones in February 2013 in and around Peterborough and Surrey. It is the title track of the forthcoming album “New Beginning”

Individual Submission: New Beginnings Video & Karma e.p.

Group Submission: Find Me Keep Me – vocals, guitar & song writer

Kerry Devine

Media: Vocals
W: www.kerrydevine.org
T: @kerrydevine

Kerry DevineKerry recorded an EP in November. Since then she’s  performed at The Royal Albert Hall, and supported bands Eliza and The Bear and Nadine Shah. The songstress is currently recording an album due to be released at the end of the year. Until then, she’ll be touring Europe at the end of May for three months and will be gigging around the UK, so catch her while you can! Enclosed on this USBee is a song called ‘Charlston Town’ which is the single off the album.

Individual Submission: Charlston Town

Group Submission: Find Me Keep Me – vocals

Melina Nyberg

Media: Vocals

Melina Johanna Rosalie NybergMelina is a singer songwriter from Sweden collaborating with all kinds of groups in different genres and countries. Singing is what she enjoys most and currently she is writing new material for a small project.

Individual Submission: A little tune I wrote in Swedish some years ago. The song is called Mira. My friend Joni Wolters is playing the guitar and I wrote the lyrics and melody.

Group Submission: Find Me Keep Me – vocals

Lee Ashton

Media: Production, Drums
W: search here

Lee AshtonLee is an artist and producer of electronic dance music. He has been producing underground dance music for around 15 years under aliases Sys-Ex (system exclusive) and Datamine. Appearing on revered techno record labels Inceptive Records and Rodz-Konez. He is currently studying for his masters degree in community music and exploring sound installations and new technologies.

Individual Submission: Picture Chase is a more laid back house music inspired track. This fits with his Deep Pockets alter ego

Group Submission: Find Me Keep Me – Production, Vintage to modern electronic drum machines

Xidus Pain

Media: Vocals
xiduspain.bandcamp.com/   rhymepadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/xidus-pain-the-xtras-ep

T: @xiduspain

Xidus PainXidus was mentored by HipHop legends Sugarhill Gang & Melle Mel. He gets regular air play on BBC radio, 97.5 Kemet FM, RhymePad Radio, UCB, Suspect Packages Radio show and many other stations. His first solo project was reviewed by HipHop pioneer Disorda and he was given the title of “Peterborough’s finest MC with an effortless flow”. Xidus was featured on Nu Electro Vol:3(street Sounds records) which earned him a number one song in the electro charts holding off competition from legendary MC’s like KRS1 & Just Ice to name a few.

Individual Submission: The track that i am submitting is called Homeslice it is produced by Cambridge based producer Remulak. It is taken from my new joint project with Local Peterborough MC Moses ” Sleepless Cypher” which is coming out on Rhymepad Records. The track is a reflection of of my thoughts and feelings how I use past negative experiences as fuel to be positive and help others to stay focused never give up & to have Faith.

Charlie Alexander

Media: Music

Charlie AlexanderChickens, chickens can tell you if the sky is falling in,

chickens can tell you when the games about to begin,

chickens can carry more bags if they need putting in the bin,

chickens dont smile the grin,

chickens like the smell of petrol.

Individual Submission: Ballerina

Group Submission: Find Me Keep Me – Song writer & vocals