Fund It! Winner – Alex Airey

So it’s been over a year since everyone voted for my project at Creative Peterborough’s Fund It Event. Since then I have been doing a lot of drawing, and a lot of writing. I have also had the opportunity to have some additional mentor time through one of the RSA’s residencies. It’s taken me a lot longer than I thought it would, but I am finally getting ready to put something into print.

Having laboriously written and drawn the opening sixteen pages of my epic story, some of which I am even still happy with, it was difficult to hear that I had basically wasted my time. When I pitched the project, I had thought that the obvious place to start a story was at the beginning, but apparently that’s not the case! I made the painful decision to start over, and redrafted the entire novel. Although this decision has delayed the process somewhat, the extra time has allowed me to develop as an artist and as a writer, and I think the final product is now much better than it would otherwise have been.

I have also had the chance to do more market and industry research, and have been developing a number of shorter stories in different genres to increase my chances of getting something published in a publication with wider distribution. I have already uploaded some of the results of this work to my facebook page, and had some interest from a publisher.

But as I have yet to actually land that big publishing deal, I’ve been looking into print-on-demand self-publishing services so I can get something into print.

The first part of the novel will be coming in at twenty four pages, and will introduce most of the protagonists of the story. My sixteen page prologue has been cut down to two pages, and I will be putting in a bit of exposition and possibly even a map. This book will be available early next year, and I’m aiming to get the second part out next year as well.

I will also be self-publishing a compilation book to include the first few pages of chapter one alongside some shorter strips from the other titles I’ve been working on. I had hoped it would be finished by Christmas, but I’ve picked up a couple of commissions for paid work over the festive season, so it’s now looking like it might be January before you can actually buy a copy!

That’s all ages away, so I’m going to be uploading the finished pages of all the titles to, probably at the rate of one a week, and I will be uploading the first one on Friday 7th December. You can already find a couple of complete strips there to whet your appetite.

Please let me know what you think, your suggestions and feedback will help me to continue to improve as a writer and artist, and help me decide which titles to develop.

I hope you enjoy my doodles.

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