Did you find any work from these craft artists?

FMKMLogo-LMasonAn eclectic mixture of pieces with a very loose theme of Spring.

Ann Bellamy

Media: Mixed Media
T: @_annieb

Anne BellamyA crowd of paper people. my work is a response to people I meet and the way they make me feel.

Carol Clark

Media: Beadwork
W: www.tidelinejewellery.co.uk

Carol Clark BeadworkMy current work combines beadwork and textiles. I aim to make unique, wearable pieces of jewellery that showcase beading as an artistic medium. Beadwork is tactile, adaptable and lends itself well to the aquatic and marine forms that feature in my work.

Rose Croft

Media: Textile and Yarn
T: @rosieleecupotea

Rosieleecupoftea  All the Blankets-1Mixed Media Artist using mainly traditional yarn crafts to selfishly create colorful and pretty things for her to admire and look at….luckily for her other people sometimes like her work too. She also rather enjoys tea. In a cup. With a saucer… does anyone have any biscuits?

Shashi Patel

Media: Mixed
W: www.misterdarkboy.com www.instagram.com/misterdarkboy
T: @misterdarkboy

Shashi Patel 03Peterborough born artist, addicted to the variety of surfaces that can be been painted on

Louise Richards

Media: Craft

Louise Richards - selection of hatsMy name is Louise and i make felt hats/fascinators. My inspiration for the hats comes mainly from the 1940’s as i originally started making them to be worn at 40’s events.