“Cold fearful drops stand on my trembling flesh.”

Small Nose research and development project, funded by Creative Peterborough, into how clowning can be used to bring a fresh perspective.  They are particularly looking at Richard III – which is nicely topical.

This entry is by one of the particpants, Lisa Grant.

“Cold fearful drops stand on my trembling flesh.”  Richard. Act V Scene III Bosworth Field

My thoughts exactly as I stood outside the Key on a Sunday morning in the rain hoping the workshop with Small Nose on Richard III wouldn’t be to taxing. 

I met again the happy vagabonds I had encountered at the first workshop and as they warmly welcomed me my fear dissipated. Not least as I saw Kate Hall ready and raring to put us through our paces on the text of the play. I love the way Kate works and the speeches she chose for us to get our heads and mouths around were brilliantly bitter and visceral.

There was one point when she was demonstrating Iambic pentameter  with the phrase “So would you like a lovely cup of tea” and I responded wholeheartedly “Yes” so taken in was I with her authentic delivery. No tea was forthcoming but exercises on the rhythm and pace of the speeches and Rhetoric. Rhetoric? …Yes, Rhetoric.

It is becoming apparent that we are a great mix of Actors, each bringing something different and even on our second meeting, we are connecting with each other marvellously. This is a testament to Jason Web and Mark Curtis of Small Nose who had the sense to invite us all.

Feeling I’ve been stretched both physically (thanks Mark) and mentally and looking forward to the next instalment of this R&D project with John Wright in March.

“So, I am satisfied. Give me a bowl of wine”

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