• Fundit!v2 pitches in real life!
    Huge thanks to the talented Paul Spence and the fabulous Tom Fox for making this happen, great work guys!

    You will be able to vote in the Green Popup Shop on Bridge St on the opening evening on June 1st from 5-7pm and during the day until the 7th or join Creative Peterborough on Facebook and vote online. You get 5 votes to share across the projects – will you choose based on the video or blog or wait and see how they impress on the night?

  • I have been into photography for many years now and have recently got into street photography. I wanted to capture and see the city in a way I had not done before. Everybody, myself included, are in such a rush to get things done that a lot of the time we do not really see our environment.

    My camera of choice is an iphone as you need to go un-noticed. Many photographers are seeing the benefit of using camera phones these days, from war photographers in Iraq to the press in the riots last year. My aim is to cover the city centre area including Lincoln Road.

    In 12 months I plan to use the funds to have an exhibition and maybe even produce a book. I am also planning on using flickr and facebook as a way to show how I’m getting on during the year.

    Fundit! bid – £250

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    The newly formed women’s choir, Peterborough Voices would like to commission a new song from contemporary composer Philip Stopford. Using a text by local poet John Clare and crafted to exploit the resources of this large and distinctive choir, the new work will have a distinctly local flavour. It will be premiered in the Peterborough Voices Autumn Concert and enter into the choir’s repertoire.

    Fundit! bid – £500

  • Over the last 14 years in Peterborough  

    I  have accumulated many interesting local stories which feature in my work however I believe they must now be shared with a wider audience. As I am a print maker I have chosen the historical format of a broadsheet. Basically a sheet of rough paper printed with my art work and text illustrating and telling the story. In the past these broadsheets would be distributed in coffee shops, pasted to walls read on the street, anywhere really. My broadsheet will be randomly posted to as many households as possible and if the reader enjoys the story then they are free to pass it on or maybe display it in a window for others to read. Hopefully it will also be in public  places . I will include an e-mail address incase someone has a story too. My aim is to reach as many people as possible so we can all get a kick out of our cities compelling tales, ancient, modern, fact and fiction.. Some times it’s good to TELL TALES.

    Fundit! bid – £500


  • Magic Lamp presents ThE NoOdLe BaR….an afternoon of live electronical vibrations in The Centre of Peterborough, producing Live Music that Makes You Want to Sit Down and Smell The Flowers, Look at The Sky, Remind Yourself that You’re Sitting on a Rock that’s travelling Through Space at about 67000 Miles an Hour, worry about the shopping In A Bit and Chill Out….

    Mixed in with DJed Sundry Groovy Ambiences and Flowery Spells of Audio that Have Been Programmed to Get You Resonating at a More Positive Frequency.

    Mixed with some Nice Cups of Tea.

    Mixed with Balloons and Bubbles:-)

    Will more than likely Be Combined with Live Graffiti Art, Spoken Word Performances, and Other Randomnesses as Time and Space Dictates……..A Festival in A Box…..

    If Peterborough won’t Come To Magic Lamp, Magic Lamp is going to have to Come To Peterborough.

    Fundit! bid – £250

  • I am an artist living and working in Peterborough.  I wish to make a series of thought provoking mixed media artwork about the condition ADHD. I will be drawing from my experience of teaching  and also using my observations of pupils’ collective frustration with the education system.  This will be used to raise awareness for the condition which is so badly misunderstood and prone to misconstrued stereotyping.  I am part of a group of people called ADDapt Ability (all of us with ADHD)  who are in the midst of setting up a charity to raise awareness and support adults and teenagers with this condition in Cambridgeshire.  Currently there is no support offered in Peterborough for people after they have left school.  ADHD is far more to do with being chronically disorganised and forgetful than being hyperactive.  Some of us are not physically hyperactive at all!  We are currently trying to raise £5000.00 to make the organisation an official charity.

    Fundit! bid – £500

  • In my normal role as project manager and producer I normally concentrate instead on producing a showcase for other’s creativity but in the project I am hoping to fund a personal project to me. I am asking for £250 to create my own poetry demo tape with my own poetry to sell at gigs, send to reviewers and to be sold in Eye the village it will be about. All proceeds from this will go to local groups like Eye Toddlers and Eye WI. The Demotape will be in the form a pamphlet with 20 poems and 4-8 illustrations by local artists. This project is something I have been meaning to do for a long time but have never given myself the time or have the money. Please vote for me and give this girl from Eye the fantastic and personal opportunity which will enable and praise the community she comes from and loves.

    Fundit! bid – £250

  • Blok Collective on behalf of Kolab, Overground and Verbal Remedies.

    A Peterborough first, as we bring live illustration battles to key events this summer.

    The Concept;

    Two or more artists/illustrators have 90 minutes to complete their best sketch on a 6ftx6ft board, using only black pens. No reference material or sketchbooks are allowed. The event is competitive, the winner decided by both event host and audience.

    The purpose;

    To bring visual artists into the live event setting, creating more visibility for the art form.

    To attract and develop new artistic skills

    Connect artists with diverse audience

    To develop Peterborough’s audiences.

    It will also be loads of fun to be involved with and to watch!

    How it will work;

    This application will enable us to pilot the project at 3 different events this summer. It will pay for the initial outlay of materials, such as boards, paint and pens etc.

    The first 3 performances will be largely non competitive to establish the concept this season. Once developed, ‘Outline’ will become a seasonal competitive event with a series of battles to establish a winning team at a large finale event such as Overground.

    Each performance of Outline will plug into existing music, poetry/spoken word events and festivals.

    Other costs for the project will be met by the individual events that host each performance, providing everything else from venue to promotion.

    Fundit! bid – £250

  • Folksworth C of E Primary School opened their much needed Peace Garden last summer with the Bishop of Peterborough.

    With a lot of very hard work from parents and the school children they have created a very special place for pupils to access during their school day for quiet and contemplation.

    The Peace Garden committee decided they would like a Sculpture for the garden but eventually could not find enough funds.

    I as a parent of three children who have all attended the village school would like FUNDIT to make this happen for the children at Folksworth who are an inspiration.

    Ideas and drawings are all set in place for their ‘Sunburst Sculpture’ which has been designed by my self and the pupils.

    Now we need £500 for materials and labour.

    Fundit! bid – £500

  • A free, open to all workshop, that invites the participants to explore and understand the image of the gargoyle during a short ‘gargoyle tour’ developed and organised by our Education Team.

    Participants then create their own ‘gruesome gargoyle’ in clay or cardboard with the assistance of our education team. The workshop will take place in St John Church (subject to hire) and Cathedral Square / Cathedral Grounds.

    Participants will have their Gargoyles on display in our exhibition space at John Clare Cottage in Helpston, as part of a Gruesome Gargoyle exhibition.

    The workshop will take place on Saturday morning or afternoon.

    Fundit! bid – £500