• Peterborough Zombie Walk

  • EID Mela 2012

  • Aims and Objectives of Creative Peterborough

    Creative Peterborough is a network of artists across all creative disciplines, working together to promote cultural activity and practice in the city, by

    • Raising awareness of all the arts and increasing their visibility
    • Encouraging dialogue and collaboration
    • Representation of all the arts to public and private bodies
    • Giving artists of all disciplines in Peterborough a voice  


    • Art Projects in the widest sense
    • Peterborough Artists, Projects or Community Organisations
    • Groups/Organisations rather than individuals (see Fundit for solo projects)
    • Funding of £750-£4000 (see Fundit for smaller projects)
    • Evidence of seeking match funding/self sufficiency
    • We may offer less than the funding you request
    • No expectations of regular funding
    • All publicity must be badged Creative Peterborough and we should be identified in any documentation, including press releases


    Please provide a brief outline of your project or organisation. An A4 sheet is sufficient, but you may provide a maximum of 3xA4 sheets. Visuals can be provided if they clarify the proposal. We suggest you answer the following: –

    • Describe your Project
    • Amount required. Please provide a breakdown of costs and a timetable.
    • What do you need the funding for?
    • Have you sought/received other sources of funding? Please detail
    • Who or what benefits from your work?
    • How does it meet the aims of Creative Peterborough?
    • What local resources (eg. Local talent and services) will your project use?


    A panel consisting of at least 3 Creative Peterborough committee members and 2 independent members will allocate funding. We will aim to get high profile members of the community to sit on the panel for a period of one year. Grants will be allocated at the end of April and October. An initial review will be carried out by Creative Peterborough and may request further information before your proposal goes before the panel.

    We are anticipating receiving more applications than the funding available, but the decision of the panel will be final; there will be no appeals process.

    Please email info@creativepeterborough.com to register an interest or request further information. Deadline for application is 21st October, results will be notified during the first week in November.

    The panel for the April Creative Peterborough Fund chose to award funds to four projects that provided particularly strong evidence of:

    • Innovation in art form and practice.
    • Sustainable project models for local professional artists to develop regional and national profiles.
    • The potential to have an impact on “difficult-to-reach” audiences.
    • Being artist / arts-led (rather than social or education) projects that are unlikely to receive funding from elsewhere
  • First of all I would just like to say thankyou to Creative Peterborough and to everyone who voted for me way back in May/June, it was a real compliment and surprise and I have been very touched by this in general.  So what did I win the funding for? ‘The Girl From Eye’ is quite a personal project but with a community edge to it. So lets go back to the beginning, my art practice is poetry and I have been writing since I was a teenager and have in recent years become the Poet Laureate for Peterborough and have also performed at and produced several poetry events. Yet I have never been able to publish any of my work or indeed given myself the time and resources to publish them either. Then after the biggest gig of my life at the Women’s Institute in Eye the village I am from, the birth of an idea happened, I decided to merge my love of poetry and the village I am from into one. I was also given confidence in how the poems I had especially written for Eye had been received and I wanted to record some of its personal history before I either can’t or don’t care to remember them. From this I decided to create  my own poetry demo tape with around 20 poems that I can then  sell at gigs, send to reviewers and will also be sold in Eye the village it will be about. All proceeds from this will go to local groups like Eye Toddlers and Eye WI. The Demotape will be in the form a pamphlet with 20 poems and 4-8 illustrations by local artists.  And then there is where Creative Peterborough and The FundIt! came in, since I won the £250 I have been giving myself time to write the rest of the poems and also reading up more on Eye’s history either scanning through ‘Eye’ by Phillip J Randall or talking to friends and family about their stories or experiences of the village. I am hoping to finish the whole set of poems this weekend has I have a salon event on the 14th of September at Peterborough Cathedral as part of the ‘We Love Words’ Festival and this is going to be good to road test some of the poems before the final edit. After this I will start to put the pamphlet together along with illustrations and when this is completed then I am going to approach some of the community groups in Eye and see if they also want to be on board. Please keep an eye out on this blog for when its ready and again I want to say thankyou for this wonderful opportunity. 


  • from Lisa Helin, Cultural Development Manager, Vivacity

    To everyone at Creative Peterborough

    I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the 20 in 2012 nomination, both for the Peterborough Arts Festival and for the support you have all shown me, over the last seven years. I am very proud to live and work in Peterborough and I am excited to see the cities arts and cultural scene growing from strength to strength, with so many talented artists and practitioners living and working within the Peterborough area.

    The Peterborough Arts Festival has been going for 11 years and is has been a pleasure to have managed it for the past two years with the support and dedication from the arts team here at Vivacity. I have already started working on the plans for next year’s festival, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine.

    Many of you will know that my true passion for the arts is located in the art gallery having trained as a visual arts curator, and I would like to take this opportunity to ask local artists to support the Peterborough Open exhibition. It has been my ambition for a long time to bring an open exhibition to Peterborough to showcase the work and talent of local artists, and this is why it is only available to artists that live in the PE area as I want local artists to benefit from the prizes and the ability to sell their work in the City Gallery.  Please do not be put off by the selection process; knowing the calibre of local artists work I know the judges will be blown away by the quality, standard and professionalism of your work and remember they are only judging the winners and will not stop anyone from showing their work.

    Thank you all again, I am very touched and grateful for all your support.

    Lisa 😉

  • Creative Peterborough are pleased to announce our 20 in 2012:-

    1. Peterborough Arts Festival

    2. Lisa Helin, Vivacity Cultural Development Manager

    3. St John’s Church

    4. Eastern Angles

    5. Chris Porsz, Photographer

    6. Matthew Lee, Councillor

    7. Pint of Poetry and a Dash of Drama

    8. Blok Collective

    9. BeatThis

    10. Clive Morton, St Johns’ Church and Peterborough Opera 

    11. Alice Kershaw, Heritage Regeneration Office

    12. Mark Ringer, Willow Festival

    13. Sara Blair Manning, John Clare Cottage

    14. Garth Bayley, PAOS and Visual Artist

    15. The Green Backyard

    16. Peterborough Artists Open Studio

    17. Fulbridge School, National School of Creativity

    18. Neil McGregor-Paterson, Realitas

    19. Dawn Birch-James, Art in the Heart

    20. Will Prideaux, Peterborough Youth Choir, Voices and Male Voice Choir 

  • Fundit!

    Steve Jason / Met Lounge

    Annette Joyce

    Dawn Birch-James

    Peter Boizot


    Neil McGregor-Paterson/Realitas

    Green Backyard

    Blok Collective

    Michael Cross

    Will Prideaux

    Peterborough Sculpture Trust

    Sara Blair-Manning / John Clare Cottage

    Uncover Peterborough

    Eastern Angles

    Peterborough Arts Festival

    Matthew Lee

    Clive Morton

    Chris Porsz

  • Tony Nero

    Mark Ringer

    Rene Viner

    Helen Mould

    Mask Theatre

    Peterborough Artists Open Studios

    St Johns Church

    Lisa Helin

    Fulbridge School

    Garth Bailey

    Alice Kershaw

    Pint of Poetry and a Dash of Drama

  • Who do you think are the people, ideas, groups and places that contribute most to our city’s culture?  Creative Peterborough , the city’s largest arts network, want to know.  In the spirit of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad the public are invited to nominate whom they think are making the biggest difference to Peterborough ’s growing arts scene. Nominations start from Thursday 26th July, with a top twenty being announced, and being rewarded with their own Olympic Torch, crafted by Peterborough artists Anne Bellamy and Sue Shields, on 12th August.

    You can nominate any person, place, organisation or event, which you think supports the arts in Peterborough .  As Keely Mills, one of the project’s organisers explained “We are interested in all nominations, from painters to theatre companies, bands to sponsors, voluntary arts organisations to festivals.  Creative Peterborough has been funding projects and building relationships with many people and groups in the city, but we know there are more out there, and we want to celebrate them.  We hope, as the country celebrates its Olympians, Peterborough will be honour its local arts heroes. ”

    Do you want to celebrate Mark Grist, YouTube sensation, who opened his set at the Latitude Festival with a poem praising Peterborough ? Or Perkins Engineering for sponsoring the Arts Festival? Or maybe you know of an unsung cultural hero for Peterborough ?

    Nominations can be made with a name and a brief explanation of the impact your nominee has had, via email info@creativepeterborough.com, the Creative Peterborough website  http://www.creativepeterborough.com/, Facebook page, or Twitter @CreativePboro #20in2012 .

  • £500 Bids:

    1. Peterborough Voices

    2. Elipsis

    3. ADDaptability

    4. Sue Shields

    5. Paul Spence

    6. Pina Santoro-Ellwood

    7. Svetlana Faulkner

    8. Clare Cottage

    so the awards go to Peterborough Voices and Elipsis Theatre – well done!

    £250 Bids:

    1. Keely Mills

    2. Blok Collective

    3. Mel Evans

    4. Desi Ladies

    5. Magic Lamp

    so the awards go to Keely Mills and Blok Collective!

    Congratulations to the winners, looking forward to following the progress of your projects. Commiserations to the losers – hope your projects still happen in some form, keep us posted. Thanks to everyone who took part, but particularly all the artists!