These boots were made for walking!


    Creative Peterborough & Peterborough Presents invite you to come and take a walk on the wild side with them as new arts initiative aims to give Peterborough audiences a new perspective on their city

    On the 23rd of May, as part of The Green Festival, Creative Peterborough, has alongside over 30 other artists, created “Walk this Way” a series of free events and projects all designed to get those attending to see, discover and appreciate their city in a different light.

     The project, which is part of the three year programme devised by Peterborough Presents, starts with a set of quirky and unusual Peterborough walking tours led by some very remarkable tour guides. The tours will see participants encountering a variety of unusual, extraordinary and quirky experiences which include a pop up art gallery, street theatre, poetry footbridge and even the opportunity to have your feet massaged and washed. More information on this below, Please do keep an eye out on this page and also on our facebook page and twitter @CreativePboro for developments.

    Make sure your book your place on the tours & the Every Journey takeover as we would hate for you to miss out on them.

    Takeover number one: Walk This Way- Guided Tours
    These guided tours bring these exciting takeovers together.

    If you take one of these tours then you will get to a bird’s eye view through the pop-up art gallery, the footbridge of poetry and experience the Peterborough museum in a new way. Your guides will help you to discover strange and wonderful events in unexpected places and be prepared for them to be strange and wonderful too.

    There will be two tour leaders, who aren’t sure what city they are in, and their group doesn’t always do what they are told, but they do discover some interesting “facts” and some unexpected art on their tour, and everyone goes home appreciating the city a little more.

    Be prepared to be astonished by the city you live in through its vivid stories, wonderful journeys and the best kept secrets that are all around us.

    The tours will take place in the city centre of Peterborough and we ask you to meet your tour guides outside the Visitor Information Centre at least five minutes before your tour. Visitor information centre: 9 Bridge Street | Peterborough | United Kingdom | PE1 1HJ

    Please wear comfy shoes and maybe bring an umbrella, if the weather looks dismal and some cake too.

    Where: In the city centre, but please meet at the Visitor information centre for the tour you have booked on.

    When: 23rd of May 2015

    How to get involved; Please book your tour through  event brite by entering: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/walk-this-way-guided-tours-tickets-16874899278  or by emailing: keelyjanemills@gmail.com
    or come to the Visitor Information centre on St Peter’s arcade on the day.



    Takeover number 2: Walk This Way- Pop-up Art Gallery

    The back of St John’s on the outside of the Church going onto the green space of St John’s square, will become a pop-up art gallery with 12 artists of all disciplines presenting a shoe or a pair of shoes. These will include shoes that have been mosaicked, painted or bejewelled. These will be presented on Plinths and the audience can come up close to the work and walk around them.

    To draw people toward this pop-art gallery there will be a large scale installation that hi-lights the scale of consumerism around shoes in the UK and also pays homage to the ritual of shoes being thrown onto telephone wires throughout the world. This piece will be interactive and again the audience can come close and even walk under it. Some of the artists will be there during the day so you can talk to them about the work and find out more about their work and the creative community in Peterborough.

    Where: St John’s The Babtist Church and St John’s Square, city centre Peterborough
    When: 23rd of May 2015
    Time: 12-4pm

    Takeover number Three: Walk This Way- Every Journey

    Inside St John’s Church and in the Lady’s chapel, you can take part in this unique event.

    Every Journey’ is a creative response to the theme of ‘Sustainable Transport’ and seeks to inspire individuals to form their own interpretation or personal response in relation to their experience of this activity.

    Foot-washing is an act and a ritual which has appeared in many traditions and cultures across civilisation. Here we are offering the experience, in collaboration with each participant, to explore the wonderful strength, potential and stories our feet have and to offer a moment of quiet reflection in a unique space. Each participant will have a foot-massage & wash. Luke will then document part of this process, the results of which will be displayed as part of his solo-exhibition in July. This per-formative and photographic piece by Luke Payn, with support from trained massage therapist Lauren Patrick will only be available to a limited number of people on the day.

    Where: At the Lady’s Chapel within St John’s the Baptist Church, city centre Peterborough.
    When: 23rd of May 2015
    Time: 12-4pm

    How to get involved: through event brite by entering: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/walk-this-way-every-journey-tickets-16766869157 or by emailing: keelyjanemills@gmail.com
    There will be slots available on the day, so please go to the lady’s Chapel to book your place.


    Takeover number Four: Walk This Way- The Bridge of Poetry

    7 Poets have been riding on the bus routes of Peterborough and have created pieces of spoken word based on these journeys with many positive and personal hi-lights. These poems have been recorded by some of our real people of the city and have been presented into a podcast that will be played in the footbridge between Peterborough train station & Queensgate shopping centre. Come and experience this bridge as it will be transformed into a place of peace above the busy road and road works below.

    Where: At the footbridge between Peterborough train station and Queensgate Shopping centre
    When: 23rd of May 2015
    Time: 12-4pm

    How to get involved: Make your way down to the footbridge on the day.



    Takeover 5 : Walk This Way- Have you been?

    An improvised performance in a space that is one of the best destinations in Peterborough, where you will experience the museum in a new way.

    For one day only you can happen upon Phyllis and Sybil who are honorary cleaners of Peterborough museum, these two exceptional professionals will show people how to clean and interact with the great exhibits at the museum. If you want to meet these two then you will have to seek them out as they can be quite shy and Phyllis and Sybill don’t talk but their mannerisms tells you all there is to know.

    Where: Peterborough Museum, on Priestgate in Peterborough City centre
    When: 23rd of May 2015
    Time: 12-4pm

    How to get involved: Come down to Peterborough Museum on the day.













  • Creative People & Places bid success!

    Creative People & Places bid success!

    Peterborough makes the national grade.


    Vivacity Culture and Leisure are thrilled to announce that Peterborough has successfully been awarded £725,000 of funding from Arts Council England as part of a £1.2m programme.

    An exciting and innovative programme has been developed by local representatives from Vivacity, Creative Peterborough, Young Lives, Step Up Community Association,  Voluntary Arts and Metal.  The consortium has been working on the programme and talking to local groups from across the city and it is a great boost to Peterborough to receive this award as it reflects the active support of the many local groups that have been involved over the past year.

    Creative people and places is a national funding programme from Arts Council England which is designed to get more people involved in the arts. The funding, which is for 3 years, will be used to create a programme of work focused on young people, artist’s networks and collaborations and bringing new communities together to increase audiences and participation in the arts in Peterborough.

    Greer Roberts, Head of Arts at Vivacity says ‘Peterborough’s Creative people and places programme is a great opportunity for us to find ways to unlock talent, energy and creativity from across the city allowing communities and grass roots organisations to play a leading part in inspiring others to get involved with the arts’.

    “The grant is excellent news for our city…”

    Jabeen Shafee, Project Manager of Step Up says ‘Step Up Community Association are extremely proud to be partners of a locally based Consortium which has successfully secured funding from The Arts Council.  The grant is excellent news for our city and will undoubtedly improve the current Arts provision in Peterborough!  Step Up’s expertise in community engagement with minority communities, particularly young people provided a valuable resource for formulating the bid.  We now look forward to consulting with these communities to listen to what they want to see happening in their city and bring this to fruition’.

    To help The Arts Council decide which locations were eligible to apply, it took an average of the Active People data over two years (2009 and 2010) and focused on the least engaged 20 per cent. Active People is currently the most reliable national data source that measures what we are trying to change. A list of eligible locations (the lowest 20 per cent on the list) can be found on The Arts Council website.

    “This is a fantastic initiative and one that really matched the vision of the Creative people and places programme.”

    This funding is a significant achievement, driven by local people and local organisations and Peterborough has developed an innovative programme to become part of this small number of national demonstration projects.

    Helen Lax, Regional Director, East, Arts Council England, said: ‘This is a fantastic initiative and one that really matched the vision of the Creative people and places programme. Each of the three strands of activity will be informed by feedback from the community, driving local engagement from the outset and ultimately delivering a programme of activity that will invest in and invigorate arts and cultural life in Peterborough’.

    The Creative people and places consortium will now work through a business planning and partnership development phase with Arts Council England and local partners in deciding the detail of the programme. From November 2013 the public will start to see the benefits of this substantial grant.

    You can read more at the Arts Council website;

  • “Cold fearful drops stand on my trembling flesh.”

    Small Nose research and development project, funded by Creative Peterborough, into how clowning can be used to bring a fresh perspective.  They are particularly looking at Richard III – which is nicely topical.

    This entry is by one of the particpants, Lisa Grant.

    “Cold fearful drops stand on my trembling flesh.”  Richard. Act V Scene III Bosworth Field

    My thoughts exactly as I stood outside the Key on a Sunday morning in the rain hoping the workshop with Small Nose on Richard III wouldn’t be to taxing. 

    I met again the happy vagabonds I had encountered at the first workshop and as they warmly welcomed me my fear dissipated. Not least as I saw Kate Hall ready and raring to put us through our paces on the text of the play. I love the way Kate works and the speeches she chose for us to get our heads and mouths around were brilliantly bitter and visceral.

    There was one point when she was demonstrating Iambic pentameter  with the phrase “So would you like a lovely cup of tea” and I responded wholeheartedly “Yes” so taken in was I with her authentic delivery. No tea was forthcoming but exercises on the rhythm and pace of the speeches and Rhetoric. Rhetoric? …Yes, Rhetoric.

    It is becoming apparent that we are a great mix of Actors, each bringing something different and even on our second meeting, we are connecting with each other marvellously. This is a testament to Jason Web and Mark Curtis of Small Nose who had the sense to invite us all.

    Feeling I’ve been stretched both physically (thanks Mark) and mentally and looking forward to the next instalment of this R&D project with John Wright in March.

    “So, I am satisfied. Give me a bowl of wine”

  • Handmade in Peterborough – Master Classes

    Handmade in Peterborough have created a set of free masterclasses with the help of Creative Peterborough and if you feel you would like to up your game as an artisan whether visual art or crafting and need that little help then please take a look at our first set of workshops on the link below and book yourself in.

    Handmade in Peterborough website

  • Artist in Residence – St John’s Church

    Artist in Residence – St John’s Church

    Could you be the ‘Artist in Residence’ at St John’s Church on behalf of its Development Board CIC?

    Based in the heart of Peterborough’s centre with a vast and fantastic history dating back to the Medieval age.

    St John’s CIC is looking for a Visual artist to create work based upon its past, present and future. The residency would be voluntary with a bursary for expenses and materials, which is supported by Creative Peterborough and administered through the Development Board. It would be for a year and there is potential to exhibit and showcase your work through The St John’s Development Board CIC. Please see below the submission guidelines:

    Please send in a A4 page proposal that answers these questions. 

    – What is your previous experience in visual art?

    -Detail why you would like to be the Artist in Resident for St John’s?

    -What would you hope to achieve as the Artist in Resident?

    Please send in upto three examples of your work, we will also accept links to other work too. 

    Please send this to: platformpeterborough@yahoo.co.uk by the 4th of March. 

    Keely Mills

  • Richard gets a Small Nose : Project – Funded by Creative Peterborough


    Hello, my name is Jason Webb and I, together with Mark Curtis, set up a theatre company called Small Nose Productions. This blog is to tell you about the start, of what I’m hoping will be an exciting new project for Small Nose; and it’s thanks to the funding that we received from the Creative Peterborough Fund.

    First a little bit of background on the company.

    We set up Small Nose in 2010. Mark and I have both worked as professional actors and within that work we have both trained with a gentleman called Philippe Gaulier. He teaches clown which is, in a nutshell, how to have fun, be funny and make interesting theatre. Most recently we have made a show called Aesop’s Fable’s. We performed at the Key Theatre Studio last year and we will be doing it again this year (see the Key Theatre brochure) go and see it, its very, very funny. That’s enough info, I think.

    What are you doing with the funding that you received, I hear you shout. We are doing a series of research and development workshops on Richard III, by Mr. W.Shakespeare. This is what happened in: 


    Date: 16th December 2012.

    Place: Key Theatre Studio.

    People: Artists based in Peterborough, or with a connection to Peterborough.

    This workshop was lead by John Wright. John set up Trestle Theatre Company and Told By an Idiot. He has written a book called ‘Why is that so funny’  (it’s a great book for anyone who has ever run a performing arts based workshop) and is a very well known director and theatre practitioner. I picked John up from the station and we arrived at the Key to get going for 10am.

    We went through a fun warm up. This was not about working up a sweat, but just moving around in a slightly peculiar way. Still we were all doing it and John made sure he pointed out anyone that was too good, and told them not to show off.

    We then did a series of exercises working in groups making stuff up on the spot, but trying to look like we knew what we were doing. See attached photos.

    Then it was into pairs where we were given titles of scenes to perform. This time a small audience started to let us know if we were being a bit boring, by slowly raising their hands. This was in preparation to doing the same game in front of an audience. So far everything we had been doing was fun and virtually impossible to do right; and that is the point, trying to learn to enjoy what John and Gaulier call ‘the flop’.

    We then made use of the seats in the studio. We called this game ‘finding the best seat’.

    Now clearly to someone reading this, that might sound very dull. But as you can see from the photos – it was very funny. If you are asking yourself why, come and see a Small Nose show, and hopefully we might answer that question for you.

    Yes you are right; we haven’t mentioned Richard III, Shakespeare or any great intellectual process. We just gathered a group of people who had never worked together and did a lot of laughing.

    We have this quote from John’s book on the front page of our web site:

    “If the work is playful it becomes pleasurable and when you’re enjoying yourself you get bolder and take risks. Choices proliferate. Problems become more manageable because our perspectives change once the work becomes a pleasure.” – (John Wright: 2010)


    Next up Lisa: 10th Feb 2013, WORKSHOP Two.

    Useful links.







  • Urock dance

    Eventbrite booking at www.urock.org.uk/dance

  • ‘Fresh Take at Burghley’ Open Call for submissions


    In January 2013, Art Pop-Up is accepting email submissions from artists who wish to be participate in the Fresh Take residency programme and exhibition with Burghley House in 2013. This is an open call to contemporary visual artists located in the Greater Peterborough area. More information is at www.artpopup.co.uk.

    Key criteria:

    • All submissions must be made via email
    • Deadline: 4pm Thursday January 31st
    • Artists must be over 18 years of age
    • Artists must be located in the Greater Peterborough area
    • Selected artists will receive a contribution of between £400 to £700 towards project materials, the creation and installation of their artwork
    • Artworks must be new, eschewing traditional approaches, and be innovative in medium and concept
    • Not suitable for audio, video or film artworks
    • No submission fee
  • Award winning theatre company New International Encounter (NIE) create new, visually driven performances that speak dynamically to an audience using live music, multiple languages, storytelling, physical theatre and a european ensemble. With a number of exciting projects taking place in Peterborough over 2013, we are looking for a motivated individual to help support the NIE team on the delivery of workshops, touring shows and rehearsal residency in the city.

    Based in the busy Cambridge office as well as in situ in Peterborough, this internship offers an excellent opportunity for a capable individual to find out more about working in a touring theatre company with the chance to gain hands-on experience in project management, marketing, fundraising and producing. The internship is intended as a six month placement on a full time basis from February – July  2013, but we are also happy to discuss any alternative options working on a part time basis. This is a professional opportunity for someone who would like to develop a career in arts administration. The ideal candidate would be based in or around Peterborough or have a strong connection to the City.

    For an application pack or any further information, please contact: Cat Moore T: +44 (01223) 403343 cat.moore@nie-theatre.com .

    Closing date: 11 January 2013, Interviews to be held on Friday 18 January 2013

    The internship is offered with expenses covered (based on the Creative Apprenticeship scheme). The position is funded through Arts Council England and Peterborough City Council. www.nie-theatre.com

  • Snapback

    Project Snapback is a mixed media and photography exhibition, created by young british-asian people focusing on social isses affecting them. Based in the Gladstone area of Peterborough and working with local professional artists the culminating work will be displayed at Chauffeurs Cottage on the 16th and 17th of November from 11am-4pm.

    This project received funding from the Creative Peterborough Fund in May.