• Find Me Keep Me – Found!

    Find Me Keep Me – Found!

    Photographs © Anita Bruce, Claire Carter, Kate Hall, Kim Laidler, Lee Mason, Emily Majewicz, Tony Nero, Phillippa Phillips, Kellee Rich, Amanda Rigby, Process Smith








  • Find Me Keep Me – Hidden!

    Photographs ©Anita Bruce, Lee Mason, Tony Nero, Process Smith

  • Find Me Keep Me – The Performance

    Dr Quack – Expert of the Four Humours

  • Link: Find Me Keep Me Theme Tune

    — https://soundcloud.com/bandopaque/find-me-keep-me-theme-tune

    BandOpaqueby BandOpaque

    a collaboration for Find Me Keep Me with Moony Opaque, Kerry Devine, Melina Nyberg, Lee Ashton, Xidus Pain and Charlie Alexander

  • Find Me Keep Me – Team in Action!

  • Free Thinking Design branding Find Me Keep Me

    Free Thinking Design branding Find Me Keep Me

    Read about Lee Mason’s design for #FindMeKeepMe on  Finders, keepers! City design agency delivers on art attack branding brief


  • Find Me Keep Me!

    Find Me Keep Me!

    Want to decorate your nest with original local art for FREE? Creative Peterborough, with support from the Arts Council and Vivacity, are holding ‘Find Me Keep Me’ on 30th March in and around Cathedral Square.

    Come and discover art in a new and extraordinary way. 52 local artists, performers and musicians have collaborated to produce a diverse selection of work that will be hidden around the city centre, for one day only, as gifts to the people of Peterborough. Take the map. follow the trails to find these artistic treasures made by some of the best creative talent in the area.

  • Fund It! Winner – Alex Airey

    So it’s been over a year since everyone voted for my project at Creative Peterborough’s Fund It Event. Since then I have been doing a lot of drawing, and a lot of writing. I have also had the opportunity to have some additional mentor time through one of the RSA’s residencies. It’s taken me a lot longer than I thought it would, but I am finally getting ready to put something into print.

    Having laboriously written and drawn the opening sixteen pages of my epic story, some of which I am even still happy with, it was difficult to hear that I had basically wasted my time. When I pitched the project, I had thought that the obvious place to start a story was at the beginning, but apparently that’s not the case! I made the painful decision to start over, and redrafted the entire novel. Although this decision has delayed the process somewhat, the extra time has allowed me to develop as an artist and as a writer, and I think the final product is now much better than it would otherwise have been.

    I have also had the chance to do more market and industry research, and have been developing a number of shorter stories in different genres to increase my chances of getting something published in a publication with wider distribution. I have already uploaded some of the results of this work to my facebook page, and had some interest from a publisher.

    But as I have yet to actually land that big publishing deal, I’ve been looking into print-on-demand self-publishing services so I can get something into print.

    The first part of the novel will be coming in at twenty four pages, and will introduce most of the protagonists of the story. My sixteen page prologue has been cut down to two pages, and I will be putting in a bit of exposition and possibly even a map. This book will be available early next year, and I’m aiming to get the second part out next year as well.

    I will also be self-publishing a compilation book to include the first few pages of chapter one alongside some shorter strips from the other titles I’ve been working on. I had hoped it would be finished by Christmas, but I’ve picked up a couple of commissions for paid work over the festive season, so it’s now looking like it might be January before you can actually buy a copy!

    That’s all ages away, so I’m going to be uploading the finished pages of all the titles to facebook.com/alxnorth, probably at the rate of one a week, and I will be uploading the first one on Friday 7th December. You can already find a couple of complete strips there to whet your appetite.

    Please let me know what you think, your suggestions and feedback will help me to continue to improve as a writer and artist, and help me decide which titles to develop.

    I hope you enjoy my doodles.

  • Snapback

    Project Snapback is a mixed media and photography exhibition, created by young british-asian people focusing on social isses affecting them. Based in the Gladstone area of Peterborough and working with local professional artists the culminating work will be displayed at Chauffeurs Cottage on the 16th and 17th of November from 11am-4pm.

    This project received funding from the Creative Peterborough Fund in May.

  • The Fund

    As Creative Peterborough announces our second round of grants up to £4000 for groups and organisations this seems a good time to reflect on what happened in the first round.  I hope this will help those applying to the second round.

    There were 12 applications, totalling £36,653, with funding of £13K available.  This told us that there is clearly a demand for funding, and ideas for projects.  And that we didn’t have enough to fund everything.

    The Creative Peterborough Committee discussed all the applications and in some cases asked for more information to ensure all could be compared fairly.  Information missing included:

    Breakdowns in the how the money would be spent.  We don’t need itemised billing but asking for a lump sum means we can’t identify what is being spent on artists (which is very important to us), and how much is being spent on getting the art out there (also important.)

    Background information about the group, including track record, connections with the communities they wanted to work with, and how they were going to manage the project.

    The applications then went before a panel which included two independent assessors who have experience in funding and arts management.  The applications were discussed in detail and scored on the following criteria (ranked in importance):

    • Is it artist-led? Investment in artists and art-form practice is a major priority.
    • Where is the creativity and innovation? Projects should demonstrate new ways of working, collaboration and / or experimentation.
    • How sustainable is the work? What will its impact be? Projects should be designed to include the potential to continue / have impact beyond the activity funded by the project.  Will the project make a significant difference to the artists themselves, to the wider arts community, or to the standing of the arts in Peterborough?
    • What will be the visibility of this work? Projects should aims for some level of visibility, quality of exposure should be considered as well as quantity.
    • Need? Do the projects address an identifiable need or a gap in provision,  and could not be funded from elsewhere, such as membership fees, sales, statutory or community funding.
    • Credibility? Can the organisation demonstrate realistic budgeting and planning, and the ability to deliver the outline project, by providing a track record proportionate to the funding applied for.

    Although not expected to meet all, these criteria were used to rank the applications and the panel then awarded funds to four projects that provided the strongest evidence of:

    • Innovation in art form and practice.
    • Sustainable project models for local professional artists to develop regional and national profiles.
    • The potential to have an impact on “difficult-to-reach” audiences.
    • Being artist / arts–led (rather than social or education) projects that are unlikely to receive funding from elsewhere.

    These were:

    Snap-Back – A project with young people led by community organisation Step-Up, which used the development of skills in photography to explore issues of image, self-esteem and identity.

    St John’s Church – Funding the activities around two artists’ residencies, a poet and a visual artist, over the next two years

    Blok Collective – Development funds to move the organisation into a more sustainable business model, paying for fundamental support such as office infrastructure, mentoring, improved online presence and partnership funding for a programme of projects.

    View5 – Funding to research and develop their residency with a local countryside trust and exhibition of work to engage communities with the rural landscape, and to use this work to build new relationships across the region.

    These projects will be reported on in the blog as they are completed.

    As an artist-led group it’s been an interesting, and challenging, process for us to go through the business of soliciting, appraising and variously rejecting and supporting funding applications.  We hope we have done it with the courtesy and within a timescale that is acceptable – and that by writing this overview it will encourage new groups to successfully apply.

    The deadline for submission for the second round of The Fund awards is 21st October, and more information is available here.  We are happy to discuss ideas for projects and support the development of applications – just get in touch via info@creativepeterborough.com

    We look forward to hearing from you.