Did you find any work from these 3D artists?

Book Collab

The 3D artists work across a wide range of media and practice from plaster sculpture to wire and recycled materials, from hand knitting to basketry and the book arts. We have collaborated on a spectacular mixed media, recycled book – hope you spotted it in the window of a well known city centre store. Enjoy looking for our treasures, hidden in some unexpected places!

Anita Bruce

Media: Textiles, Mixed Media
W: www.anitabruce.co.uk  www.anitabruce.tumblr.com
T: @NitaBruce

Anita Bruce - HummingbirdWith a background in both the life sciences and textile arts, Anita explores the boundaries between the arts and science, particularly with reference to environmental change and its impact on biodiversity. She creates intricate sculptural textiles from fine copper wire, using a variety of processes, but principally hand knitting.

Garth Bailey

Media: mixed media, wire and Clay, Oils
W: www.garthbayley@gmail.co.cuk  www.facebook.com/garthbayley 
T: @ArtGarth

Garth Bailey - Herding instinct in shadows of selfI work loosely with bold colours showing form and movement. My subjects are diverse ranging from sport and dance to abstract landscape, containing strong elements of sculptural representation. I draw on old masters and the Impressionists for inspiration reinterpreting ideas in a contemporary way. I work in both 2D and 3D.

Kathryn Moore

Media: Textiles, Mixed Media, Music
W: www.kathrynmoore.co.uk

Kat MooreI am interested in traditional rural crafts such as basketry, weaving, spinning, natural dyeing of fibres; and keen to keep these techniques alive in an age of consumerism and ‘throw away’ culture. I work, predominantly, using materials that I have available to me; this has been historically the way of craft before ‘recycling’ became the fashion. Materials can include video tape, newspaper, plastic  packaging and bottle tops – anything that I have in abundance – which are then turned into either functional or visual art pieces, the origin of the materials being taken out of context and transformed.

Gemma Payn

Media: Mixed media, including acrylics,posca pens,various materials and surfaces
W: www.flickr.com/photos/44942200@N08/

Gemma Payn - Contentment- We need much less than we think we needGemma’s strictly intuitive journey through use of materials sees decorative elements & tribal influences spill out onto an array of surfaces.

Phillippa Phillips

Media: 3D recycled materials
W: www.phillippaphillips.com
T: @pippaphillips

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhillippa’’s work revolves around uniting found and recycled items with traditional embroidery stitch methods.

Piña Santoro-Ellwood BA

Media: Sculptor
W: www.figtreeartstudio.com
T: @PinaFigTreeArt

Pina Santoro-Ellwood - Gloria SpiderInternational exhibitor & Cambridge School of Art graduate. Best known for using plaster, stone, wood, metal & found objects which form the basis of unique Sculpture,reliefs, installation & paintings. Collectors include local MP’s, business premises & restaurants.