Did you find any work from these 2D artists?


There be Treasure in the city streets. Join in the quest to discover the paintings,drawings and prints of 6 local 2D artists. Be the first to capture the pigeon, pluck the rose, unlock the keys, tame the fox, be dazzled by the fragment, unpick the lock. Art works and zine’s to find and keep in the comfort of your own city.

Sue Shields

Media: Painter/Printmaker
T: @SueShields3

Sue Shields - Water at SwaddywellSue is a printer and painter but whose practice also includes hand stitched textiles and three dimensional pieces. Human anthropology, social history and the landscape are recurring themes within her work.

Faye Gagel-Panchal

Media: Painter/fair trade product designer
W: fayegp-art.blogspot.co.uk
T: @FayePanchal

Faye Gagel-Panchal Red paradise birdI capture the vibrant colour and intricate textile details of Eastern textiles in large-scale panel pieces using hand made Thai paper, oils and resin. I also create enticing ‘Fragments’ from my own hand made paper, which are painted and also resined. New creations are free hanging resined paper pieces, which verge on the sculptural.

Tony Nero

Media: Painting, Drawing
W: www.tonynerobrushworks.com
T: @ArtofTonyNero

Tony Nero - mothers love.jpgAs an artist I have been living and working in Peterborough for the past 12 years now. My work is very diverse, sometimes vibrant and I work mainly in oils, pencils and pastels. I am also very passionate and proactive in helping to develop the art scene in the city.

Luke Payn

Media: Cultural Vagabond
W: www.lukepayn.org.uk
T: @lukepayn

 Like a Tomahawk whistling through the cold November air Luke’s work interrupts, or you could say it creates, an interference pattern within the fabric of space.

Expect questions not answers.

Julie Reid

Media: Fine Artist
W: www.juliereid.co.uk

Julie Reid 'Wild Carrot' Pencil and InkThe main focus of my work is strong observation and drawing in a continual search for the true identity of an object or place and the best way to visually represent it. I spend a lot of time looking and drawing in the landscape and studio, often drawing one thing repeatedly in different ways. Recently I have begun to explore printmaking.

Hannah Robinson

Media: Digital, pen, paints
W: illustratorrobinson.blogspot.co.uk
T: @blokcollective

Hannah Robinson - whateverHannah is an illustrator who has been working in Peterborough for five years. Her artwork has been described as joyous and energetic. She tries to tell a story in her work, encouraging exploration and enjoyment. She also blogs about crafting, drawing on ten years’ experience organizing activities for youth groups.